So, Ive been trying to get an honest opinion of my singing, but I dont trust my friends to be honest, and the sound of my own voice annoys me a bit, so help would be greatly appreciated

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mediocre, but practice vocal exercises to improve control and maybe experiment with pushing your range
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I agree sir your voice is slightly annoying
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yeah, exercises to control breathing/diaphragm/pitch accuracy are a good idea.

i don't think your voice is very annoying, you just aren't that confident.
Confidence, hitting notes and practicing scales and stuff will help.

Mainly confidence.
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Try singing without the guitar and see if you see any difference. Singing can be a bit more difficult to think about if you are playing guitar. Practise some scales and also some breathing exercises as the others said. But your voice is not annoying, it just needs a little work. So don't worry.
On top of all comments above, not very good.

Work on;

- Pronouciation; your "E" sounds are not good. They are coming across as "AE", example enemy = enemae.

- Figure out the vocal melody of the song and stick to it.

- Work on all fundamentals, especially breathing correctly.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
Thanks to all the constructive criticism, and for anyone who is interested, that is an old recording and I will have a simpler, more familiar song once stupid Media-Convert starts working for me again (Actually, if anyone knows anything about that program, Im trying to convert m4a files into MP3 files and it just wont work, help would be great.)
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i love you.

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Definitely not terrible. One thing to consider is typically you want to sing pure vowels (no "eeee" sounds, should be more like "ih") and sing the first vowel sound of dipthongs (a vowel with one sound followed by another. The word "like" has a dipthong. The "i" is pronounced "ah-ee" in this case. Monopthongs are words like "mop." Only one, consistent sound for the vowel.) Basically the takeaway is that the way you pronounce words in your singing will generally stray from the way you would pronounce them in speech.

Another note, is I feel like you're off key sometimes, and when you are on pitch, it wavers a bit. This isn't the death sentence that some singers make it out to be. A little ear training and you'll be right on track.
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honestly...it sounds like you are singing while holding your nose, very nasal-ey
look up arpeggios on piano and use those to practice with ...they helped me a great amount....also imagine that the way you're signing (on that recording) your voice is on the back of your tongue... now sing by placing your voice on the tip of your tongue...this is called projecting..all of this along with the deep use of your diaphragm and you'll be doing good.
You can train your voice to be anything you want it just takes time. GOOD LUCK!!!