Hey, Im switching over from Guitar to Bass because Steve Harris is awesome
I play mainly hard rock and metal but am willing to play anything really :P
So i have ive narrowed my choices to:

Ibanez sr300
Yamaha rbx374
Peavey Millennium BXP
Squier P Bass special (I think thats what its called)

Im open to suggestions. This is my first bass and i pay more or less 300$ CAD
Out of what you have there, I think the best way to narrow them down is by playing them yourself. What you've listed seems to summarize what most people would suggest to a new bassist, but I have never played any of them. I will tell you though, that Steve Harris plays a beefed up P-bass, so maybe that would fit you better.
I have a friend that plays bass, and he said that Peavey makes some sweet ones.

I've never liked Squier or Fender, so I personally wouldn't suggest. However, I am also a fan of Ibanez as well.

I would either choose the Peavey or the Ibanez, but of course, YOU need to try them yourself.
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All of those are great basses, so its all personal preference. Personally I'd choose the Ibanez out of all of them, with the Squier a close second, and the Peavey not far behind. Play them if you can, and make a decision based off what feels better to you, you can't really go wrong with any of those choices
Steve Harris is amazing but seriously don't expect to be able to play much of his stuff when you first start out his fingerstyle speed and endurance is insane.

Am I righ't in thinking the P bass special has the extra jazz pickup on there? If so I would go with that as it's a pretty versatile bass.

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I can't suggest the Squier enough!
Haha, enough said?

I have an Ibanez beginner bass and it's Terrible only SR-series and up is good.
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where in Canada are you? I'm on kijiji/craigslist a few times per day, you'd be able to get a good bass for ~300CAD

Hey im in Ottawa, but as of right now im restricted to taking the public transit system or getting a ride from a friend.