This was inspired by a lot of stuff that has gone on in my life in the past and was triggered to be written today by something that happened last night at my house so...

I guess this would be in a DanceGavinDance like band with a singer with a similar style / pitch and a screamer with that angry yell thing going on if you know what i mean

(Mid / High Screaming)
Fu*king bitch always told me lies
she still sits in my old room drunk as she cries.
I said to her whats with this contemptuous sh*t you pull?
I know you didn't want me here, who the fu*k you trying to fool?
You are just another damn wh*re who couldn't bring herself to get an abortion!
alls you are doing is allowing our disdain to sustain!
The only person you are fooling is yourself! (holds out 'yourself until 2nd beat of first bar in preverse)

[Pre Verse]
I wish I didn't mean this but I don't wanna care anymore
I may not care but I do
I care that it has gotten to be this numb

I guess in my own way I have gotten drunk too
(backing scream *Start screaming when singer says drunk*)
Yea well I was just a kid
Trust me the blame isn't all on her
He just walked outta my life with that needle in his arms?
yea well **** that!
I should of been more important the both of you
(Semi sing / Semi Scream)
Instead of that god damn needle I shoulda been in its place
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