ok so i want a really obscure, kinda different guitar, like an Airline guitar. but i really dont wanna have to pay 2000 dollars or something like that. suggestions?
dude, wtf?
go to a pawn shop
or any music shop that sells used guitars
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look at some danelectros
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http://www.eastwoodguitars.com/ these are pretty sweet and all are way way under 2000K
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Check out Supro and Hagstrom if you want a vintage one for under $700. If you want a great new one for under $1,000 look at Hallmark.


Oh and some Eastwood guitars could be better, Some of their cheap ones like the Mosrite copies aren't very good.
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Danelectros for sure, and look for the obscure Fenders. You can actually find 60's Fenders for a steal if you find the really obsure beginner models like the Duo-Sonic, Showmaster, or Bronco. All of them are essentially the same guitar with different single-coil pickup placement (bridge/neck, neck, and bridge respectively) and look like a Mustang without switches. Actually, that really is all they are. They're Mustangs with less intricate wiring. They have the same short scale neck and share the same body.
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Aria les paul copy or a hondo! the les paul copy was actually amazing and im looking for another one.

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Look into the Epiphone Wilshire. It is an original Epi design that they are finally remaking.The batwing headstock is the coolest looking one out there.

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Yeah, Teiscos from the '60s are different from the big boys like Fender and Gibson.....and Teiscos are relatively cheap. Just make sure you do your homework because Teisco made a lot of guitars under many different brand names (Checkmate, Audition, Heit, etc etc) and the quality varied a lot.