i have a EQ pedal, is there a way to turn it off without unplugging it?

Is it just considered off if the bypass is enabled?

heres what it looks like:


Anyone ever used a Level switch?

It seems that it turns the EQ pedal on regardless if its bypassed or not, is there any use for this function(feature?)
the level is like a volume switch
and the bypass button is equivalent to an on/off switch
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In/Out appears to be your on/off switch, and the level switch just enables or disables the "Level" slider on the side. Basically, if you up the level slider and turn level on, you'll get a little volume boost when you activate the pedal.
The level switch turns on the level slider, which is essentially a master volume/boost for the pedal.
The in/out switch should turn the effect on and off, though it will still be drawing current until you unplug the input jack (this isn't an issue if you're using a wall power supply).
The level switch may be independent of the on/off status, since it's a buffer/booster when the EQ is not on.
thank you for the help!

the volume boost explains the level switch very clearly. if it is left on while the pedal is bypassed, i can still use it as a volume boost.


I was wondering if this was a RTFM situation, but when i read the manual, it comes in Engrish XD

Chinese translated(still makes sense) but the descriptions are a bit strange here and there
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I was looking at buying one of those MARS EQ's the other day, how are they? Is it noisy?
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Quote by JoePerry4life
I was looking at buying one of those MARS EQ's the other day, how are they? Is it noisy?

how can i evaluate it for you? this is my first EQ pedal and i hvae read that EQ pedals are supposed to be noisy, just how noisy is what i cannot compare it to. I can tell you that there is noise coming from my Microcube, so i guess it is noisy?

I will admit i still dont know how to use the EQ effectively. Currently I use the frequency adjustments individually for a specific issue using a few of the articles i have found online. How I setup the EQ is completely different from how say the presets appear in the winamp EQ/windows/itunes EQ settings. I dont even understand those anymore after reading the purpose of which Hz does what now.

If you check out my profile/blog, i posted pictures and general use/visual issues i have had with the pedal. I originally intended to try get rid of the ice pick feeling on my high notes(high E, frets 13+) and maybe see if i can get the notes to ring out, but i dont think thats fixable now that i am using a EQ pedal. I believe the low E string does sound better and more balanced though.

I wish i could EQ after the speaker XD
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