I have a guitar equipped with a LFR, when I bought it I was like "Woo, floyd rose *über divebomb*" but now I'm over that, I have it blocked off with like $1.50 now anyway. I've been really interested in the Kahler 7330 non trem, and I found some covers for the floyd void, my only problem is none of them fit properly, they're either too big (Go past my pick guard/to my control cavity and go to the end of my guitar) or too small. So I Was wondering what would be easier, getting a piece of wood and filling the top of my floyd void, then putting one of the smaller adapter plates over that (To cover up the wood so I don't have to paint it) or just getting the recommended adapter and cutting it to size (They're made from brass, no clue how I'd cut that neatly)

Any help appreciated, and no, I wont just change what I want to get if it'll be a little difficult, I want a Kahler 7330 in place of my Floyd.

Edit: Or would it be easier to just get a smaller adapter plate (there's one which if I reversed it, would fit, although there'd be nowhere for the front to screw down) and then screw it down into the cavity, and use some of those metal screw spacers to keep it up.

http://www.wammiworld.com/Templates.html There's the templates of the adapter plates.


The gap between the rout and my control cavity.
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