Hey all,

Does anyone know of good notation software that can export to pdf, has tab as well as notation, is easy to use and is preferably free? Before you say "guitar pro!" or "power tab!", I need something that will look good when printed. Both of those programs look really bad when exported to pdf and then printed. Really pixelated and blurry. I'm after something that looks professional.

Any ideas?

(I'm not really sure what forum this topic would fit into, however i figure recording software would fit in this forum, so notation software is similar )

How does a GP pdf look pixelated and blurry

Print > PDF > Save As PDF

If you want to spend some money on notation software, go for Finale or Sibelius.
I'm not sure why it comes out like that, but any Guitar Pro or Power Tab that I convert to PDF ends up blurry or pixelated, especially when printed. I have a demo of Finale so I'll just use that for the time being, until I can save up for the full version.

thanks anyway!