I'm looking for software/hardware where you can just plug your guitar straight into your PC and use some kind of software to mimic an amp and have the sound come out of your PC speakers. Does something like that exist?
there's a lot of programs like this. you'd be better off asking in the recordings and riffs forum, but my suggestion is ReValver MKIII.
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basically any amp modeling software. or vst's that model amps. you need a vst host for vst's though, something like garage band or fl studio
Plugging a guitar directly into a computer and expecting good results is phail. Unless you have a kickaszorz sound card. Look into a Lightsnake cable or a Stealthplug cable if you want to do it right.

+1 on Revalver
Using computer speakers as a PA gives you great gain and it makes you sound like Synyster Gates!

/lame meme

Revalver pwns, try that.
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Peavey Revalver sounds awesome. Not sure what kind of hardware would be the best, I use a 1/4 - 1/8 adapter, but there's a bit of delay.

running asio4all fixes that.
i used to be a mod, then i took an arrow in the knee.
oh thank god, i thought it was going to be like that other computer speaker thread we had a while back with the speakers hooked up to his frontman or whatever it was.

I have guitar rig 3 ( legally I promise) but I haven't really used it due to a lack of decent audio interface, but it works with reaper as a vst.
I've got to say though, unless you have nothing other than your pc speakers I wouldn't bother with it. Normal computer speakers are horrible at distorting your guitar sound no matter what software you have
^Note: Probably sarcastic
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