Hey whats up? I just joined a band playing Rhythm guitar. I usually play bass or drums. I've not only not played electric guitar really (mostly acoustics), but I'm also the weakest link these guys are awesome and its really intimating. But any way, Learning the songs isn't a problem I've been playing for awhile now. But finding the right tone or a sound that I really want is hard for me to do, because I'm not quite certain what does what on the amp (bass, mid, treb, revb, gain.... and so on and so fourth) I have a Line six spider 2 amp with p.o.s. fender squire strat.

Any suggestions on strings, how it all works, amp settings, or decent guitars under $500 would be much appreciated.



P.S. Im looking for a more classic metal sound (zeppelin, sabbath) And a decent clean sound as well as a more contemporary metal sound (tool, Soundgarden, Alice in chains)
i think the POS belongs in front of the "Line six spider 2"

but in all seriousness maybe an ibanez or a fender?
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I noticed the other day that the PRS SE custom is going for $449 now on guitar center. I love my PRS and the price is finally back down to what I paid for it 2 years ago.

If you like single coils look at the MIM Strats (around $500, much cheaper used) or a Squier Classic Vibe ($349). With what you play though, you may want to avoid single coils. Humbuckers will get you closer to the tone you want.

Ibanez has an ART series which are raved about but I've never played one. Agile Al-2000's are les paul copies you order from rondomusic.com. The Agile is very well made for the price ($199) and the finish is amazing. Pickups are a bit weak but its a steal in my opinion. I like dean markley strings (.10 gauge).

(I know I own these so I sound biased but its whatever.)

Concerning tone, don't dime all of your knobs. I did that sometimes when I was starting. Learn to use your guitar controls and pickup switch along with the amp settings. Dont just dime your volume knob or tone knobs on the guitar either. It just takes tweaking. Keep reverb low, just a bit is good. Start with your bass, mid, and trebs at noon and tweak from there.

My line 6 spider III never really got me a tone I was happy with, but I've never played a spider II. People on here will likely tell you to look at new amps also. A good starter amp thats a definite step up from spiders is the peavey vypyr. I set my friend up with a peavey vypyr and an agile al-2000 for a starter setup and hes happy with it.

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