Hi I just recorded a minute long chords/ improv solo/ drum track. Just looking for some feedback on it, I called it Going Home for no particular reason, and it is on myspace. Please feel free to crit any other songs on there as well C4C thanks!

very relaxing, and very good to the ears. I like it a lot but you should make chords so you can sing verses over it, and have this instrumental as its own portion of the song. Idk just an idea. Good job though.

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Sorry man, I only know how to program in Db.

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Thanks, this isn't meant to be an entire song it's just I can't sing so I have to wait for a singer to do the rest of the song, these are just meant to be little ideas of where I want the songs to go.
Thats pertty cool, I liked the scale you choose. I would mabey add some slight crashes or symbol hits to the drums so theres a bit more going on there. Also a rytem track would be nice, it would give it more dynamics. Tone was good, the mix was a little quiet though.

Good job, its going goodd so far. Thanks for the crit btw.