i was sitting in 3rd year classical guitar class at school the other day, and for whatever reason was kind of spacing, and just looking around watching everybody play, when i had a sudden epiphany.

nobody, and i mean nobody was resting their thumb, even during a basic arpeggio study in which the thumb plays the first bass note and then does nothing for the rest of the bar, with the rest of the arpeggio being played with the other fingers.

i guess my question is...well, resting thumb was literally the biggest aspect of classical technique my instructor instilled in me when i first started learning, essentially the wrath of god would come down on me if i wasnt resting my thumb.

so my question is, is using rest stroke for your thumb a universal rule, or is it just something my instructor in particular stressed

(note-my teacher learned from the Romeros, dont know if anybody knows them, so i guess you could say im learning mostly from the Spanish school of thought of classical guitar).
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Rules are made to be broken, he,s your teacher he has to go by the rules , i myself never rest my thumb on a string
Guitar is an art form, and hell there are no rules. Yes teachers need to follow rules, but you as a muscician really don't. Just do what works or/and what gets you through the class.
it was instilled in me too.

I cant even imagine not using it anymore (where appropriate tho)