So I am gonna post this here, direct me where to go if I should go elsewhere.

Basically for a few years I've been wanting to make a certain type of snowboarding video, just for fun on my own time because I think they will be really cool. What I want to do is attach a camera to either my boot or my helmet when I'm riding in a first person kind of thing. I'm a high level rider and want to share what it's like to ride. I don't have a camera yet and don't know anything about the technology, I am good with computers (I built the one I'm on right now) but I know nothing about cameras and video editing. What I want the videos to be like is to cut the sound of the camera out for the most part and put in some music (e.g. daft punk, crystal method), maybe dim the music and put in the sound of the camera while in the air and when I land the music kick backs in. I know I'll need some way to stabilize the shot, not sure how I can do this, are there good enough cameras with this technology? I will also need some help with the video editing because I want to add in some effects, some colors or graphics in certain parts to add a cartoon cel-shaded look to go along with the music. I've been wanting to do this for years and now I live right by the mountains so I will have a chance to go to a bunch of different resorts and finally make these videos. Any help you could give me whatsoever would be great, this thread is just a feeler and when the resorts open in a month I intend to do whatever I can to accomplish this goal. I am willing to spend 1000$ to get this going.

I'm posting this in a bunch of places and hopefully somebody will be able to help me.
if i were you i would come up with a story or something.. i love snowboarding videos that are fun. A bizare story would do the trick. but make sure you're original.
i've never seen a camera attached to a boot (it could be just me, but.. ) so that would be extra cool IMO
this is as far as i can go, because i'm not a snowbording or camera expert .. hope i helped

Best regards, Serjem
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you cound get one of them stands that has weights to keep the camera steady, but that would be to hard to snowboard with
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you cound get one of them stands that has weights to keep the camera steady, but that would be to hard to snowboard with

yeah I ride at speeds around 90-100 km/h. I can't have a big rig or anything. It has to be something handheld size that I can strap to my helmet or my boot.
you could prob just use a camera with that anti shake ****, but it would still go abit jumpy like in motocross vids
if you wiegted id at the bottom and submerged it in a bowl of water on your head it would work
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Call me... paranoid, But I'm convinced you made this thread just as an elaborate way to show off. Bastard

But seriously It does sound like a pretty cool idea, Daft Punk would be good with this.

I remember when I went snowboarding, I held my camera phone... But I fell and lost it.
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attach it to your helmet and use a fisheye lens
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