Well I created some songs.. well theyre not rlly songs yet but just ideas that came to mind.. and I need feedback and/or advice on them

you can find them at my myspace which is myspace.com/electrickarmas

I like the rhythm on "The Falling." The acoustic guitar doesn't seem to fit imo...I bet you'd solo better on that electric =)

Good though!
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Ok, first off, a few recording tips. Both your recordings sound very roomy. I would advise close-micing your amp and acoustic guitar, and then using a reverb plug-in, such as an arena reverb or something. Secondly, if you don't play to a click, do. If you already do, tighten up your rhythm playing, there were a few spots it sounded a bit loose. Then, probably compress the lead track, the volume of it seemed to vary a lot on both tracks and the rhythm would either be heard very well, hardly at all, or somewhere in between.

As for the songs themselves, sounded kind of ok, but the rhythm playing going missing at times made it hard for me to evaluate the song, cause I couldn't hear the relationship between the lead and the rhythm.
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I didn't like tha acoustic guitar. The song is good but the acoustic guitar is too loud and sounds bad.

The second one had the same problems, except I just didn't like the compositions. Maybe because I am not into that type of music.

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O yea.. by the way i used garageband to record my songs cuz i dont rlly have any other recording progRAMS except audacity, and i used the built in mike in my computer to record so I don't kno if that effected the recording or what.... also it kind of sounds bad because my guitar is right next to the mike and so you can hear the pick hit the strings and get that clinky sound

I agree the acoustic guitar does kind of sound bad in the falling.. and sometimes the timing is off because there were 2 layers i created and i tried movin them around and screwed up and came in a little late

So to improve my sound quality what should i do and is there a way to connect my amp with a computer directly?
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if theres a headphone jack on your amp you can run that to the line in on your computer thats how i've been recording for years I use a digitech (or any other) guitar processor and then just plug right in to record just play around with the volume and it can get a pretty good sound it takes time tho i'm constantly changing how i record and after nearly 10 years of doing this i'm still learning new ways to do things