I've been playing bass for about 2-2.5 years, I'm not a god...but I do know how to play some things. I'm pretty good on tabs and such. I'm more or less looking for some people to jam with. I don't have a car as of yet, but I am getting one here eventually. My favorite genres are Heavy Metal like Five Finger Death Punch or Lamb of God...but I like to play classic rock and other genres as well. If you're in my area and you play guitar/drums or you sing, lemme know, and if all goes well, we might even start a band. So hit me up and lemme know.
man good luck tryin to find musicians in the central florida area its damn near impossible this whole state is like a musical waste land theres little talent to be found around here trust me ive been lookin for a damn drummer for my band for close to a year and still ive got no replies
if your a drummer in the central florida area hit me up my band amberly park is lookin for a new drummer to get us back on stage hit me up on myspace or email sean34744@msn.com
I have to agree with the previous poster...

Anything below Macon Georgia and Above Ft. Lauderdale/Tampa, you're pretty much on your own...
There are other musicians (perhaps even lots of them), but it never works out.. whether it be taste differences, skill level, personality clash, no motivation, etc.

It's pathetic that people in the midwest have better luck than you guys do.

My advice to you, in your area: Be a band-wrecker. If there is a local band and you see a member that stands out or fits what you're looking for, get him! No excuses.
were do you live i am in florida ive been looking to star a band for a while how old are you to im 20 been playing since i was 12 got real hevay into it about three years ago i like darker gothier stuff with a metal or classical twist im play 6 string guitar but can also play 7,10,and 12 string
sorry about the wait lol. I forget about **** real easy. But I live about 45 minutes away from Orlando...in this tiny ass town called Tavares. And I'm 18.
thats funny i live about 20 mins away from orlando in deltona near sanford what kinda bass you play
right now it's just a 4 string pbass knockoff...nothin special. But, for xmas I'm gonna get some EMGs and a Communist Pig distortion pedal...and maybe a new amp too, a Gallien-Krueger Backline 110 Combo...should sound really nice...
i live in winter park like right in the shit son but yea im lookin for people to jam with or to start a band i dont give a **** lets drink eat pizza and play some jams