Car A left City X traveling at an average velocity of 30mph. Two hours later Car B left City X, traveling on the same road at an average velocity of 50mph. When will Car B catch up to Car A? How far have they traveled.
ahhhhhhhh this is what I did in grade 12 but I can't remember how to do it. I'm going to be screwed for uni.

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3 hours @ 150 miles pretty easy...
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Car A goes 30mph, after 2 hours it's 60miles
Car B goes 50mph, when it reaches 50mph, Car A has gone another 30miles, making 90miles
Another hour passes, Car B is now on 100mph, Car A is on 120
Another hour goes, Car B and Car A are now both on 150.

It's really just adding 30 and 50, not too hard you'll get it
I saw 30 and 50 (3 and 5) and tought about 15 (150). Those are the easy questions, too. What grade you in ?
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Solve for x, get x=3. Geronimo!


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Thanks for all the help. I've been up all day doing all kinds of other assignments, and I'm totally brain dead now.
arrived too late but most of these things can be solved by cross multiplying x over y and x over y

x x
_ x -
y y

if it is a direct proportion ... indirect you just flip flop the second thing

example of direct would be

A 120lbs chick bangs 15 dudes how many dudes would a 160 lb chick bang?

you would set it up

120 160
------ -------
15 x

160x 15 = 2400

divide 2400 by 120 you get 20

(then you would say f*ck this **** aint real......)

but this is how you could do it ..... your problem you would have to remember their are 3600 seconds in an hour and do some conversions but you could do many a thing with this.....

p.s. wtf am i saying this for????