Please move this to wherever it may need to be, i thought this should be the spot I post it though.

SO. Me and a friend have decided to start a band, and until we get a drummer, were just messing around with riffs that maybe the drums could go to later in time.

We're looking for a creepy type sound, could anyone suggest chord progressions and scales to try out? We have a few things going but can't piece things together between the both of us yet.

Thanks, for you time and effort to read this!
minor scale if you want to go "creepy"
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hungarian minor, diminished, i also like the Kunoi and Iwato scales.

as far as chord progressions, use diminished chords, suspended chords, just play around with unconventional chord formations. stay away from major chords.

try something along the lines of ii - vii - iii - i