Artificial/pinch harmonics. The second one just has a stupid fast vibrato on it.
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There's bound to be a drummer here that can help you, otherwise check YouTube for tutorial vids.
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^^^See! Told ya so!
I don't have speakers on my computer at the mo, but I'm just going to bet that they are pinch harmonics of some kind. Possibly with whammy bar usage involved.

EDIT: ^Damn I'm good.

Anyway, it's done by lightly touching the string with the thumb of your picking hand at the harmonic as you're picking, in general somewhere over the pickups.
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its a "Dimesqueal " using a floyd rose tremolo and natural harmonic search it on youtube Dime himself shows how to do it
hailthleif, thats exactly what it is. Just try it yourself, I do squeals that sound like that all the time *usually when im bored*
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I appreciate your help, but that's not what I was trying to figure out. I know what a "dimesqueal" is, big fan of Dime myself. Check the end of the last video I posted, thous squeals sound different

ohhh ok i was goin by the 1st vid at 2:27 my bad