Sorry, Only gp5, I'll upload an Mp3 in a while.

I'm trying to write something simpler than what I usually do, and it's my first real go at
'riff' based song.

so far I'm fairly happy with the song, the drums aren't too bad imo and often they are the weakest part of anything I write.

Currently the song consists of:

Verse 1
Verse 2

I want to expand the bridge into another riff, maybe some sort of solo and then finish on another chorus.

I envision the song with vocals, but I'm not up to singing on it, I might have a go at writing lyrics though.

C4C of course.
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I like it, but its right up my alley in terms of style.
I did get a bit bored of that pre-post-chorus riff though. I assume that'd be fixed with vocals.
The bridge is really good.
I can imagine this song with a nice, dissonant, grunge feel to it.

8/10 for me. Sorry I couldn't give more helpful crits.

Possibly c4c? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1212459
Reminds me of Tool quite a bit except the pre-chorus and pos-chorus. Also didn't like that.

The bass in the Verse was very cool, i really liked the riff, it was the most Tool'y part.

I didn't like how you went into the bridge, it was all very sudden. I might just be because you didn't mix it amazingly, the sound levels were quite whack for me so that rhythm riff just came blasting over everything else.
First off, thanks for the crit on my song, it was very helpful

Wow, this song feels like a journey O_O Might sound weird but it managed to evoke strange feelings in me. And I like it. If you ever make a studio recording of this make sure to have a singer with a low voice, I'm thinking a similar voice to Serj from System of a Down...

Anyways, lets get started! The guitars are amazing, they sound like some sort of middle-eastern influenced psychedelic progressive rock song, extremely enjoyable and unique. Lots and lots of creativity. The melody does get a tad repetitive but it really doesn't matter much since it sounds so strange (in a good way). I also thing some bad-ass vocals would fix that. However, I think you should leave two bars of ringing notes instead of one at the end of verse two, to make the transition to the bridge sound a bit more fluent. The simple drums and the quirky bassline fit perfectly to the entire song. Honestly I wish I could help you make this better, but I can't really. This is some good stuff man. I liked it!