If one was to pick a few albums to practice singing to, to help work on your range and sustain and power in your vocals, what are some suggestions that you think would help turn a mediocre singer into something better.

For instance, I watched a Phil Anselmo interview on youtube once, and he said that he used to come home from school and no one would be home, so he would practice singing to Judas Priest's "Unleashed In The East" album, and some of that early Pantera stuff, you can really tell he was influenced by Rob Halford and had some of his style since he practiced with the Priest albums so much.

So, what are some albums you'd recommend?
Randy Rhoads & Dimebag
For you? Or what do I sing to? Go for Jeff Buckley and Queen... Good luck with that too
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also notice how Phil totally shot out his voice and is incapable of singing anything he did before Vulgar Display of Power.
Learn to sing and practice scales, just singing along to albums isn't really gonna make you a better singer.
For anyone, but yeah, I'd be happy to know for myself too, lol. I was thinking a Led Zeppelin album, or a Black Sabbath album for the whole "Chest voice" thing.
Randy Rhoads & Dimebag
Sigur Ros - Takk...

They're an Icelandic progressive death metal band that'll help you nail those gutteral growls.

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also notice how Phil totally shot out his voice and is incapable of singing anything he did before Vulgar Display of Power.
Learn to sing and practice scales, just singing along to albums isn't really gonna make you a better singer.

Cannibal Corpse

anything by these guys will do.

i can growl like george and like chris.
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Try hell awaits from Slayer. It will help you to learn to pronounce words really fast.
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Singing Lessons and lots of practice with any song that uses range, Know your Theory..
both Alter Bridge albums (one day remains and blackbird). myles kennedy has incredible range.

just watched a video of him doing a cover of immigrant song with Paul Reed Smith's band over the weekend. really good.
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mer de noms - a perfect circle
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Sequoia Throne - Protest the Hero

Good luck.
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If you have rough style vocals try some Nirvana Greatest hits or Dookie

Softer voice, try some Foo Fighters
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Good luck with that album.
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And, albums I'd practice singing to would be like, Icky Thump by The White Stripes, some Pink Floyd albums, Collective Soul's self titled, yadda yadda yadda.
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Nirvana's unplugged album
Tool's Lateralus
Judas Priest's Screaming for Vengeance
Some early Dream Theater(*FLAMESHIELD*)
I can't believe what some people in this thread are suggesting.

DO practice scales and practice pitch and sustain and lip shape, etc.

DON'T practice Robert Plant or Sebastian Bach. You're going to blow out your voice if you try to sing that high all the time. You're gonna end up with and itchy and sore throat.
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do you want to be a good singer?

then practice scales, proper posture, breathing, etc.

do you want to suck?

then pick some random album that's probably not in your range
Man.. If you are thinking about practicing Judas Priest and Queen Material...
Then I would like a cover of KD's THEM album...

Yes indeed...

And ofcourse, Lost Horizon -> Highlander( The One )
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What has Phil done since Pantera?........

Every Cannibal Corpse album
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want some hard practice? the album 'be' by pain of salvation. try iter impius
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