So my mate was talking to me and asking me about reverb i have no idea either, but we're just wondering do many metal bands use much reverb?

I was thinking about adding some into my loop on my UX2 but haven't bothered atm, but is reverb for metal a good idea? does it give it a more "fuller" sound?
Reverb is popular in nearly all music for all instruments, whether acoustically produced or with a pedal.
I always add a little to give a song some depth to it, but it really depends on what your trying to play which will determine whether it will sound good
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Personal preference really, I've always used a tiny bit of hall reverb with my rhythm tone just to give it a sense of space, but no so much as it all mashes together and makes a mess.
I have mine sitting at round 4 most of the time.
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2 words: Devin Townsend

Damn, you beat me to it.

In metal it's is used like Devin Townsend does - to create a wall of sound or for smooth lead tones. However, some bands e.g. Necrophagist have a smooth lead tone despite using no reverb at all!

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Reverb is great. Reverb and Delay = nice smooth awesome lead tone

Ah yes but I don't use delay as much.
I use reverb anywhere between 3 and five depending on what I'm playing. Every once in a while I'll throw in some delay, low level, just to express the tone a little more.
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Hmm cool I have mine around 5-10% ATM but I've noticed makes the sound more bassy but I'm using a pod ux2 with pod farm so prob diff I'll mess with it more tommorow
If you are trying to get a tight rhythm tone, then dont use reverb. However, it can really open up your lead tone. just dont over use it.
everything sounds better with reverb . i usually have mine on my amp at 4 or 5 out of 10. sometimes 6 or 7 for solos. (but thats onboard spring, some pedals can get drenched really quick, u CAN overdo reverb).
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