Hi guys

Thanks for checking this out, i have a bit of a problem with my guitar output jack, its gone loose and it wont tighten properly. I have an alexi black and yellow LTD and sincve its a V, the jack is in one of the legs. Ive opened the thing and tightened it but its gotten to the point where it wont tighten, when i twist the nut with pliers the thing just moves with the nut, so far she still plays fine but i really want to fix her..

Any help or advice will be much appreciated!! thanks in advance
did you try to unscrew the plate and hold it from the back and turn the nut? my fender did that too and its held up so far
locking washer
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Normally there is a backing nut.Look for that and screw it out a tad then try tightening the outside nut.

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Quote by Chris_09
did you try to unscrew the plate and hold it from the back and turn the nut?

You have to hold the jack from inside so is doen't move while you tight the nut
this is the only way you should tighten it.

if you dont do it this way, you'll rip off the wires inside.

adding a locking washer, if you still cant get it to stay stuck, and or dabbing some clear nail polish on the treads, also locks it in place after you,ve tightened it properly.


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Ok thanks, i'll try things out ^^ thanks very much!!

but the thing is.. when i hold the thing inside, the bit where the wires attach to dont move, but the socket itself spins around in its own place.. :/ but i'll give it a go ^^ thanks for the tips guys !!