I mainly play through my headphone amp as I play after the kids have gone to bed. I've got a behringer v-amp 2 and it's ok but leaves a bit to be desired sometimes in that it can sound a bit naff on some of the settings. I prefer to play mainly clean with a bit of over drive occasionally, some reverb but not much else.

I've got a blackstar ht-5 which has a headphone socket but it sounds dire to be honest. I like the sound of the amp when played out loud and have a few pedals that I plug in to it and I'm looking for something which essentially sounds quite similar to that I guess.

Is there anything else available that would sound better than the v-amp2? Is the pod 2.0 a lot better or more of the same?

Alternatively is there a pc based solution that sounds good?


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I like to use the POD pocket for this situations :P of course its good to get a good pair of headphones, some AKG are good i have the K-55 planning on getting K-99 soon though.

The POD is a digital thing, i had always though it sounds good WITH my headphones, but, when played through an amp you can toss it right out of a window if you dont know how to set it properly hehe.
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The Pandora PX4D is good if you want drums/bass rhythms. The amPlug AC30 is good for an overdrive sound but won't give you any reverb.
I have an amplug ac30 and it's ok for when I'm going away and don't want to take much stuff but it doesn't sound that great.

I guess these things are fine for practice but my main playing environment is through headphones sadly so I'm looking for something which sounds superb rather than just ok.

I use a pair of sennheiser hd580 headphones which make most things sound very good so I'm pretty sure they're not the weak point.


Maybe your headphones are too good. Guitar amps don't have a wide frequency spectrum. Even though multifx work well with PA's and headphones, a good set of headphones is going to reveal every flaw in the tone and let every bit of digital buzziness shine through.
I would look into a Line 6 toneport or POD. I personally have a Line 6 TonePort DI on my PC and the amp/cab models sound great in headphones.
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Quote by JMeasles
I would look into a Line 6 toneport or POD. I personally have a Line 6 TonePort DI on my PC and the amp/cab models sound great in headphones.
They look pretty good, thanks for that.


Just to follow up on this... my wife bought me a line 6 pod studio ux2 about a week ago. Absolutely superb and exactly what I wanted.