Howdy all, first time poster but long time reader and I'm looking to get shot of some of my gear.

I'm selling my amp and footswitch due to it not being used, plus I want some cash to put towards my dslr purchase.

Anywho, onto the items;

Line 6 Flextone III XL (2x12); You can read about it in detail here: http://line6.com/flextoneiii/

It has a couple of marks/scrapes in the tolex, and one of the feet has previously fallen off (though has been reattached now) but these are only asthetics issues, and the amp has been gigged a few times (<10). The amp itself is in perfect working order, it's just too loud for me to use in my house, and I tend not to gig nowadays. £240

Line 6 FBV shortboard: Used to control a variety of line 6 amps, has channel and bank switching (up to 64 patches I believe), volume/wah pedal.

As with the amp this has been used for gigs, there are a few signs of this but it's rugged, you could certainly use it in self defence!! £100

Or I'll do the lot for £300.

Will probably have to be pickup only as it weighs a lot (around 30kg), unless you want to arrange delivery yourself. (North Hampshire, just north of Winchester).

I'll add photos when I get in from work.