Fianally got my new Fender Jazz today but I really hate tuning, when I start turning the peg I get scared it will snap. Mainly because on the times guitars/basses did snap, when I restrung I wouldn't do it properly and THEY would snap. Sp is it just me tuning too fast or am I maybe going to high. Or is it just stupid worrying.
Im guessing not, unless in the QC section they would tune and test it which would stretch it a little anyway it anyway
Just do it, I don't see how it would be physically possible to snap bass strings without doing it on purpose. Once you've changed them you'll wonder what all the fuss was about.

And no, they won't be stretched, so when you change the strings do so with a tuner attatched, tune slightly higher than you would normally, then after a while (or some playing) you'll find that the bass should have dropped to roughly accurate tuning. Repeat the process until the bass holds tuning as it normally would, in my experience after the initial stretch it should only need tuning once more, perhaps twice, then the strings will have settled. Easy peasy.
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You would really have to be trying/ really not paying attention to snap a bass string.

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I have broken fairly a lot strings playing and, tuning, just a brand new E, that got me mad REALLY MAD. It was brand new!!! omgggg D= Well, stretch when you get the bass, though i reco getting a new set of strings for your bass bro hehe.
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You're worrying too much. Ideally, cut the string about 10-12cms past it's post, then wind 2-4 winds to the correct pitch. You should be golden then. Don't overlap the wraps, and wrap top down.

exactly this^. get all the strings on and tighten them a few turns each, until all strings have some tension on them, then start tuning. you wanna bring the neck tension up evenly.
i do the E then the D. the A then the G. you may have to tune several times until the strings settle in(stretch). i have broke strings while tuning. usually by turning the wrong key, thinking it's another string i'm tightening. tuners can be quirky. take your time.