Kosmic Sound's Back Up The Truck sale, on in Perth, Australia on Saturday.
Anyone else going?

This is the first year I'm going so I'm not too sure on how it all works.
The site (http://www.kosmicsound.com/index.php?page=viewStory&title=The+BUTT+Sale) doesn't say how much the stuff's discounted so I'm guessing they decide it on the day.

So anyone who's going or has been, please post to explain, or even discuss what you're planning on picking up (for me its a new acoustic).
Hope to see you there.
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I'm on the emailing list, so we (me and other people on the emailing list) get emails days before and are allowed to get heavily discounted stuff if you bring the email early in the morning

almost got a broken 7-string Jackson Dinky C.O.W. Camo for $99