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with a floating bridge (like a FR), the bridge is pulled in both directions by the strings, and the springs. ideally you want the tension to be equal, so the bridge is parallel with the body.

if you're tuning to drop D, for example..
when you loosen the low E string, you're putting less tension on it. this throws off the balance of the bridge, because the springs are now pulling harder than the strings. because of that, the bridge is angled back slightly, bringing the tension of the other strings up, as the bidge pulls back.

plus, you'd have to loosen the locking nut to change tunings

TL;DR, it's more difficult and time consuming. when you tune a string down, the others all go up a bit. so quick, in-between-song tuning changes are super hard, and definately not recomended.
Changing from standard to drop tunings isn't that bad, ie. dropping E to D. Anything else will be at least 15 minutes and that's if you're just changing tunings and not strings.

After being stuck on floyd's for a while I'm out of that phase now and I'm so glad. It's a lot easier to just use locking tuners and a hard tail bridge. I only have one floyd guitar to get my dive bomb rocks off and that's a lot better.
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If you only go from E Standard to Drop D it isn´t so much a problem if you set the fine tuners up the right way... anything else is time consuming.
But just like everything else in life, the more you do something the better you get.

When we all started playing guitar, chords sucked, didn't they... Did that keep you from learning how to do it?
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But no matter how good at it you get you´ll never be quick enough to do it live or even conveniently in private practice.
It's not really hard It just takes time as you've got to adjust it keep tuning it and let it settle and adjust it some more and so on till you get the floyd level and in the tuning you want
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