the questions in the title essentially.

i was just wondering as i tend to listen to really heavy stuff when im studyin, and i told my friends that and they said thats weird,????? so it got me wondering what do other people listen to when they study/work

i did searchbar it an nothing immediatley came up so dont flame me
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Angels and Airwaves help me concentrate much better while studying, it's soothing
Dethklok. Not a fan normally, but it helps me write.
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When i'm studying i listen to my playlist (blues, metal, classic rock)

When i'm working i listen to classic rock
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Instrumentals, normally JT Bruce (google him).
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For some reason Rise Against seems to be my study/working music
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I listen to different kinds of music, sometimes piano-music, jazz or rock but not the heavy things
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Well, right now I'm programming and listeing to B.B King. Usually if it's maths or something practical it doesn't really matter. However, when I try to memorize theory, usually I listen to classical.

Helios, The Album Leaf, Port Blue, Explosions In The Sky, Unwed Sailor, El Ten Eleven
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