So, I've always been a devote to rock music, specially to alternative and/or experimental styles, but I've recently found myself wanting to really get into Jazz (yeah, The Mars Volta have got something to do with my interest). I've really got the urgency of get into this.

The real question is: Are there some interesting Jazz performers you could suggest me?.

Thanks beforehand.


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Current favorite bands:

6. Cave In
5. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
4. Sparta
3. Biffy Clyro
2. Muse
1. Coheed and Cambria
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Joe Pass
Wes Montgomery
Charlie Parker
Miles Davis
George Benson
Louis Armstrong

enter "Jazz Musician"


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Albums to get:

Miles Davis - Kind of Blue
John Coltrane - Giant Steps
Wes Montgomery - The Incredible Jazz Guitar Of
Django Reinhardt - Djangology 49
Duke Ellington - At Newport
Ella Fitzgerald - Sings The Gerschwin Song Book
Oscar Peterson - Night Train
Pat Martino - East!
Sarah Vaughan - At Mister Kelly's
Stan Getz and Charlie Byrd - Jazz Samba
Thelonious Monk - Brilliant Corners
Pat Metheney
Frank Zappa
Charles Mingus
Harlington - Indie/Progressive/Hard Rock

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Considering your interest in the Mars Volta, I'd say that you'd probably appreciate fusion. Try out Weather Report's Heavy Weather.
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return to forever. especially (for your taste) the hymn of the seventh galaxy album. on youtube, type "HotSG" and a song from the album, its all up. so glad i found that, its my favorite album
all the artists that they put there haha. but it really depends on what youre into unless youre very open to many things which you seem like you are considering what you posted. you can even go try someone like charlie hunter. hes not exactly the miles david joe pass sorta thing but yeah.
George Benson, Stanley Jordan, Al DiMeola.
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Return to Forever's "Light as a feather". It's more in a fusion way with latin rythms, but it is one of the most amazing albums I have heard. I find myself constantly amazed that it gets mentioned almost never. It's definitley one of the best jazz albums out there.
I'd recommend some classic artists to begin with. Many people enjoy Miles Davis and John Coltrane, they're a good starting point. If you like that, I'd probably check out Thelonious Monk and Sonny Rollins next (surprised no one's mentioned Rollins yet).