I have a guitar center gift card that I don't want. I bought a wah pedal but I didn't like it so I transferred the funds over to a gift card which is worth $98. I really want to get rid of this gift card so I'm open to cash offers. But no low ballers!
I am also interested in some of the following...

a big muff pedal
wah pedal (i know )
Bad monkey or an overdrive pedal
single coil strat pickups (no ceramics)

I can either send the buyer/trader the card in the mail or just give you the code.
Thank you for reading!
who dont you just use the card to buy an overdrive pedal yourself? Or the pickups?
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Your right. I could do that but I rather get some used gear rather then get one pedal or a set of pickups. I also did say I prefer cash as well.