In graphics at skl we have to make keyrings and get feed back on our ideas so im doing an explorer.

The body will be white with all hardwear black, the neck will be black and the headstock white. Its going to be 3 layers to keep it strong

basicly what do u guys think of this? would u considering buying this? and any general thoughts. thanks
If you want to sell something to guitarists in general, you'll probably have to do a Fender or something like that.
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People that like Explorers might want one.

That would really be your only market.

People Who Like Nazisms,Might Want a swastika Key chain!

ofc i was kidding
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I'd like an Explorer keyring, but don't have a white headstock; needs to black with the fretboard. White body sounds nice though.
Pretty sure i did something like this too, but mine just looked like two badly stuck together pieces of perspex...yep...they were the days.
thanks guys,see this was the point of the hw. Im gonna keep the headstock black oh and btw its gonna be an ESP headstock