My friend and I are trying to learn Head Crusher by Megadeth. During the last solo there are some notes played on the 24th fret of the high E string. Both of us have 22 fret guitars, is there anyway we can work around that? Would it sound just as good if we bent the 22nd fret to make it sound like the 24th?
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If you have a trem you might be able to pull back enough to go up 2 notes. But bending it like no other is your best bet, or replace it with the same note but on the b string.

In order for me to play it on the be string I would have to have a 29th fret
youd have to adapt the whole song, i guess, but you could spread your tuning. like, keep it E-A-D-G-B-? i guess it could be just F. two steps, a whole note. in effect, youll have the range of a 24 fret. but alas, the frettage for the song will change on that string. wont lose anything though.
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In order for me to play it on the be string I would have to have a 29th fret

He means replace it with the same note one octave down.
You can if you bend it far enough but it's not going to have the same tone as I would on the 24th fret.
That would be you only option (I think)
You can hit a tapped harmonic if you touch with your second finger were the 24th fret should be. This is a little hit and miss though and won't necessarily work in the context of the song.

Pre-bending to the E is your best bet I guess, if you can cope with that. Otherwise just play that an octave lower and hope it still sounds ok.