I've got a line 6 spider iii and i dont like the sound too much. I'm looking for an amp with good crunch and metal sounds. I am considering selling it to buy a peavey 50 watt valveking 112. I use a gibson les paul. Im in a band and we play mostly metal and classic rock like metallica, acdc, led zeppelin etc.

So would this amp fit my playing sound and is it a overall good sounding amp?
Thanks a lot \m/
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The VK would do Ac/Dc and Zeppelin alright but you'd struggle getting a good Metallica tone out of the thing.

IMO VKs are very muddy and lifeless. They are designed for blues rock type gain at most, and really aren't capable of handling higher gain stuff like metal (although some will disagree).

Surely you can find something that will suite your needs better than either of those two amps.

Whats your budget?
Are you willing to buy used?
Played my mates valve king with a gibson les paul...IMO it puches well above its price tag. plenty of gain with the boost swith on...its built pretty good too
thanks a lot..
well could you suggest a better amp for these sounds then..
my budget is about £500 max..
thanks again
with a decent distortion or OD pedal u could breeze metalica tones.
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bugera 6262 2x12 ,very loud tho, is just under £500. scratch that its only £370 now
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Quote by bananahammock
with a decent distortion or OD pedal u could breeze metalica tones.

You can add all the gain in the world, the amp is still going to be muddy and lifeless.

For new you might wanna look into Bugera amps.

A Peavey Windsor would do Ac/Dc, Zeppelin, and early Metallica - you would need a boost to get a modern Metallica tone. Also its a single channel amp so you would either need to A/B with another amp or roll the volume back on your guitar for cleans.

Possibly a Marshall Haze with a speaker swap - from what I hear changing the speaker greatly improves their tone.

If you're willing to go used you may be able to find yourself a Line 6 Vetta II in your price range - best sounding modeling amps out there.

Used Marshall JCM800 would be great for all three of the bands you mentioned - however its another single channel amp so you would have the problems with the cleans.