Hello! I've been playing guitar about a year now.. and have got to the stage where I'd like a new guitar. My current guitar is a Yamaha Pacifica, which is FANTASTIC, but a budget guitar. I love everything about the Pacifica.

I play a lot of Muse, Rage Against The Machine, Radiohead, Libertines and am currently doing Rockschool Grade 5. Could you recommend a guitar that would be perfect for me? I tent to lean towards the Stratocaster rather than telecaster shapes...

Thanks very much!
Go to your local music shop and try out any guitars in your budget that catches your eye. I can't stress enough how to find the perfect guitar for you, you have to just go try some out.
do you have a budget? Going off what you said, i'd go for a HSS Fender Stratocaster (strat with humbucker in the bridge postition)
you could get rob chappers' ML1 ! it's only like 500 pounds or something like that, and it sounds epic.
you could buy a new humbucker for your pacifica since you like it so much; i dont really see why you need another guitar
It's all about feel