Some UK Hardcore here - for fans of Architects, Johnny Truant, Your Demise.
Making a huge name for themselves in the UK scene, probably the best live + unsigned band i've ever seen.

Some may like it, some may not, i happen to be in love with them.


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once again this is metalcore not hardcore. band is pretty generic but not completely terrible. they're probably better than any of the other bands you've posted. singer sounds exactly like the vocalist of oh sleeper. i've said it before, bands should worry less about what they're ridiculous myspace layout looks like and spend more time on their music. for a somewhat cliche metalcore band, these guys have some potential.
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bland. Metalcore not hardcore.
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Was stoked when you said it was for fans of Johnny Truant. Listened, realized it didn't, then realized I paused Converge for a band that sounds like your demise but with worse lyrics. Awesome.
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looks like they ripped off emmure with city of exile, the intro anyways
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They're are sick as **** and definitely not generic. I think that the strange time signatures are sick. i love the un muted strings aswell sound awesome. Open your minds dudes.