Right now I have a peavey vypyr 15, and while it basically sucks just cuz it's a base model, it's a very good amp and the better models would be well worth buying. So I'm thinking of selling it and buying a vypyr 30, with a bigger, better speaker and stompbox effects, midi and all that. Either that or buy a pod and some studio speakers (i'm looking at these) to replace my amp altogether. Both have great effects and everything so I guess what it comes down to is, would studio speakers sound as good as the still mediocre (but at least designed for guitars) vypyr combo amp speaker?
I would get the Vypyr 75...I compared the Vypyr 15, 30, 75 and the 120 or whatever it is...and I thought the 75 sounded way better then all of em. And you can buy em on ebay for about 230 shipped.
I always never felt the the POD sound was natural...it just feels so fake and lifeless