I'm just curious to see where do pitters find the music they love and live for.

I sometimes come across bands while browsing wikipedia, Rec threads and... well that's just about it
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I have no idea.

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friends and other bands. I recently discovered this guy called "cloudkicker" through a friend on myspace. he is easily the best musician of the 21st century I've heard so far.
I find pretty much all the new music i listen to on the internet. Wikipedia is a great tool. I've heard of lots of bands on sites like this and other sites and Wikipedia just gives some decent info about bands. I can search a band i've heard of to see what genre they are and then go on youtube to see if i like them enough to buy their songs. Concerts are a great way to find new bands too. Bands usually tour with bands they like or sound like so its good exposure for bands you've never heard before
Hearing it from other people, like mouth to mouth transferring.

...Don't get any funny ideas!
dad and history teacher... most of my friends listen to hardcore music exclusively, or rap... And I'm not a big fan of either genres
Everywhere man.

Satellite radio is a great tool for finding music.
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I don't like big band music.
Commercials have really nice tunes... and then i'll look the lyrics up on google and find the song. TV shows also have good songs. I like indie rock a lot, so yeah thats where I dig my stuff
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At first it was whatever people around me were listening to ( 0-10 ), then I got stuff from the radio and friends(11-17), now I just look who influenced my favorite bands and listen to them(18-~) and concerts.

Example. Went to see Amon Amarth live. Skeletonwitch was there. Skeletonwitch sites Mercyful Fate as an influence.

It works.
Last FM is usually good but I have discovered many bands and artists from Tv and movies and also YouTube. Does Google get credit for helping search the lyrics?
The classic rock radio station. Especially if I'm driving with a parent so I can just ask them who the artist is.
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