Ive been playin for around 3 years now, just started writin material for my band..
I want to be able to write solos and improvise etc. but i dont know where to start.
Where DO i start?!
(i know the notes on the fretboard and the e major scale and thats it)
Learn how other people have done it.

Get over to Musician Talk and learn about harmonising scales to make chords, and which scales to play over what chord progressions; and which notes to play over each chord.

Then learn some solos you like and analyse them to see how they were written/improv'd.
you can take the formation for the e major scale and use it higher or lower on frets and BAM. other major scales.

Also, trial and error. Practice makes perfect brah
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What you do,depending on what genre you are, is find what key you are in, all the minors in that key, and all of the notes and just mess around until you have something that starts sounding like a great solo harmony...
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Id start like this - Learn the minor pentatonic (the most widely used 'rock' scale) and once you know one box you'll be able to play it in any key from Eminor to Eminor octave. Lear it like the back of your hand and play notes from it over songs and so you'll slwly learn to improvise. (lessons on here are good).
then do the same with the major scale, and the minor scale.

Next know what key your song is in. Say it's in Aminor and thee chords are A D E. you can use any note from the Aminor or Aminor pentatonic scale to solo over. (these notes can be anywhere on the fretboard)

Play around, see what sounds good, bends, hammer ons, pull offs, harmonics, etc etc. (dont try it too complicated first. A five note solo can be just as effective as a million note one.)
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