i don't know what this is called and it's impossible to google.

what i'm talking about is a kind of grinding noise that comes just before a note is actually played. it is very common and often used in soloing but can be used with power chords. it adds style and depth to your sound. here are some examples:

a very good example of this is an izod commercial for indy:
every time i see that commercial i'm reminded of how i want to know how to do that.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=77RNv5xUXRA .....at 2:40

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JIb9hEdOtrQ .....at 3:23

if you're not clear on what i'm asking i can post some more examples in songs.
A pinch harmonic?
But of course that would be useless in a chord.

EDIT: to be honest all i really heard was a bend with some vibrato...
I really have no idea what you are talking about...
More examples please?
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yes it is pretty much a hand noise, also tho, in the indy one, it sounds like when the player goes to pluck a string, he hits the one above it first then its the string. And for Rain, it sounds like its just the guitar sound, if u have a sound with a lot of high end distortion and a thick pick, the pick tends to make a clicky sound (i find). anyways hope that helps
eh too bad i cant check the videos im on dial up but twhat you say sounds imilar to ^^^ the sliding on the string (not pushed just with your hand on it and having loads of gain) or just theRake technique. id est u sweep some strings (all muted) and finish on your desired note (on the last string) very common for blues genre.. mmm i love blues... i love rake! haha
it's not raking. and it's not any type of harmonic. i think it does sound like a short pick grind into the note. but by "hand noise" what do you mean?

here's another example:
oh this one's really good. it even shows him playing it and it looks like he grinds into it. listen to the very first part of the solo. even just the first note, how it sounds like jesper is grinding into it. he does it a couple times.
Not sure. Could be a bit of Morello-ish hand sliding on the string right before attack upsetting the overdrive. That's what it sounds like to me.