I figured out that when I pick harder the pinch harmonics ring out. I was mad one day and completely abused the strings on my guitar and that was it
pretty much anyone that asks me about them i tell them "at first its more like you get them to come out on accident, then you gotta figure out what you are doing"

thats how it was for me...i learned them no problem but the first few weeks that i was working on them it was more of an accident then it was a success..i think alot of ppl will feel the same.

EDIT: learning them on the clean channel is the best way. i only practice on the clean channel these days. i feel like it has improved my playing 10 folds.
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No, I only fond out natural harmonics on my own but I looked up on how to do pinch harmonics, the only thing I found out by myself is that (at least for me) it's easier to do a pinch using the fingernail that when using a pick
Yes, but not as squealies - I used to sit and fidget with my pick with my volume off, and play harmonics using my thumb for downstrokes and middle finger for upstrokes. It wasn't until I asked my teacher what an artificial harmonic was after seeing it in a tab that I realised that was what I was doing when I was fidgeting lol Jammy huh
I did somewhat;

I watched Gilbert, and I was wondering how he got his tone to be sharpish at points.

I learned Artificial harmonics/semi harmonics w/e you wanna call it that way.

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I learned through many tutorials and watching other guitarists (like on DVDs) doing them.
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I had read about them, but the first time I did it was on accident.
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I knew about pinch harmonics but could never do them until recently. Now, I do them all the time and its become annoying. I like to hold my pick with a little tip sticking out and when I do power chords there is a little bit of a squeal in there.
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