ok when i record a riff or something with the tape recording funtion on guitar rig 3 the (2nd tape thats infront of the effects) makes a crackling noise when recorded you dont here it when your playing but when you play it back you get the horrible crackling noise

here is an example http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/xXCRA1GXx/music/all/play709974
the betrayal song does anyone know how to fix it

before you say its not the pc my pc is more than enough capable of running it
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Sounds like its either your sound card, buffer size, sample rate or it could just be clipping; although you did say your pc was more than capable. I don't know.
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Have you tried turning down the input signal?

Edit: Yeah that sounds like it, or if you're using a poor quality interface. But if it's the official guitar rig one that won't be the case.

If you're using high output pickups they can have that effect too.

well ive got seymour duncan jb and jazz so are they high output?
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I would say the same as Chuckles, try the "learn" volume input.

It just sounds like the signal is too loud, so you're getting clipping.

ok ill try that but not now i really carnt be arsed
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Turn up the latency a little and turn of programs you don't need.

It's because your computer can't handle much. Some soundcards starts to crackle much easier than interfaces meant for guitar recording.
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I am having the same problems and I just got Guitar Rig, and the interface Guitar Rig Session I/O. But I hear the crackling often while I play, not just in the recording. Also, sometimes my sound disappears for a few seconds and then comes back when I am playing. I do not know how to fix it. I made sure that clipping is not the problem, and my system is far beyond the requirements for running the program. I am stumped.