I bought a Digitech Bad Monkey last night for my new Blackheart Handsome Devil. Awsome fun!

I found some mods w/ google (on a blog here I believe.)

C5 from .047uf to a .1uf to cut some of the mid boost
C11 from 22uf to a 1uf to add bass.

WOW! Is all I can say. Tons of bass now. I usually play drop D or standard tuning, but put it down to drop B for fun. It makes an absolute mountain of bass. Tremendously fun.

I really want to get some better tubes in there now to improve the sound. Maybe even stepping the preamp down from the 12ax7 to something with a little less gain. *shrug*

Man this is fun. I put a GFS VEH pickup in the bridge which has much less output than the stock china pickups that came in my dean vendetta xm. This even made the bridge sound deep. I can't wait for some hotter pickups.

Anyway, I wanted to offer some encouragement to someone that might be too scared to touch a mod themselves. Take your time, it ain't that hard!
I am going to go with new quality tubes, then try some 5751 tubes before I go that low. I am not even sure 12au7's will be safe for the power tubes.