Hello pit.

So, there is this school club called "The Purple Underground" at my school.
I don't know wtf they do, but the club consists of browner preppy kids.

Just a few days ago they publicly spoke (over the PA system) that if you want a newsletter that tells students about whats going on at the school, they should email their hotmail, or you can email it for suggestions or something..(the hotmail means A LOT to them)

Anyway, I've signed it up for various pr0nz and whatnot, and I was wondering if there is anything else i can do to completely ruin their little parade?
What would YOU do to sabotage a hotmail?
Oh btw these kids are most likely innocent grade nine's..

The hotmail is: purpleunderground@hotmail.com (if anyone wants to know)

All in all, I want to f*** over their little club via email =]
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Why would you want to sabotage a couple of people having fun? Why does everyone feel the need to be a total asshole?
arent u a rebel? u feel big rebel? enjoying smashing everyone's fun? yea, thats not cool.

EDIT: i call troll

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Dude...I was gonna post the Beastie Boy's "sabotage" song, but your sabotage is just lame. I mean honestly, how old are you? All they'd have to do is open a new e-mail account and then inform everyone about the change.

So...take it to 4chan :P

I dunno why, but that made me lol. This isn't cool though.


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f*ck you dude. youre the typical douchebag no one wants to be around and everyone hates. I wouldnt be suprised if you also yell f*ggot from the saftey of a car as you drive by people.
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You should, y'know, not pull such a dickish move. That'll show 'em who's boss.
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