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Bergs Inferno is a worldwide known and famous (kidding) trio from Norway, (Hammond C3/Moog, Fender Stratocaster and Drums) trying to make new music with a touch of our own, although we are quite influenced by the 70's progrock bands.

Our latest song is "Hark! The Voice Of The Arctic Spring",
meant to be more radiofriendly/commercial, if you can call an instrumental piece that..it's actually based on a simple,but
memorable melody,and it evolves into our more usual soundscapes.
As always ,we will truly appreciate your comments.Thanks for listening !
Regards, Per

Here we go : www.myspace.com/bergsinferno
Really really sorry on the late crit, the topic totally slipped my mind.

Very good song, quite Pink Floyd sounding. Great guitar playing and riffs and melodies. Loved the hammond organ, great touch. It added a beautiful layer to the song. Drums were fine but nothing really special about them. The song could use vocals I guess but it's still great without them. Overall awesome song man.
Thanks !! We really appreciate your comment :-)
Anyone else with an opinion ? Will this sell albums ??
Would you buy ?
Wooow,you're not kiddin.
That's some fat songs you've got going.awesome stuff.
Thank you !
Anyone else with a comment? all comments are welcome.
Have a great weekend :-)
Right away, this intro is very sick with the organ. I really like the guitar too, but it could use a tad less distortion and be a bit louder. This chord progression is really original, too. It reminds of the Beatles and of a videogame themesong at the same time. The guitar solo round 1:46 is cool aswell as when everything cuts out and its just the organ. It's really cool how that section builds and brings you back to the main progression. The part right before 3:00 is a pleasant surprise as well as the ending.
I would normally say some vocals would be nice, but I don't really see how they'd fit with this song. You guys should turn down the volume on the organ a little bit and up on the guitar I think.

Overall, this is one of the best recordings I've heard on this forum, awesome job here!
I also recorded a new song, give it a crit?
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Thanks for your kind words !
Anyone else dare/care to share their opinions ?
We'll appreciate it !
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Pretty cool!

Excellent lead playing. I'm very jealous of your phrasing. Very stylish and cool note selection. My tone is my favorite in the world, but not one person likes the same guitar tone, ever! The organ solo doodle thing caught me a little off guard, but it was cool!

Very unique and interesting. Keep up the great work!

Would you mind checking out one of our songs and letting us know what you think? Greatly appreciated!