I have a question about putting new pickups in my RG. I am getting a Dimarzio Liquifire and a Seymour Duncan TB-11. These pickups have not got to my house yet but it looks like there are four wires on both. However the powersound pickups only have two wires. The bare wire went to the volume pot and the white wire went to the selector. I have tried reading things and looking at wiring diagrams but I am confused because it is my first time. I was wondering what colored wires are sodered to what for each pickup .
some pickups have 2 wires, some have 4. dont really worry where they are connected now, just follow the diagrams u find for 4 wire humbuckers. also keep in mind dimarzio and SD have different color codings for their wires, so make sure u know which is which for each pickup.

follow this:


just switch i THINK red and green for the dimarzio. look that up though.

essentially ur only using 2 connection points to other hardware, just like the 2 wire pickups u have now.

hope this helps.
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