Someone i know is selling a
Behringer Ultra bass AX4500H amp head

GK Backline 115BLX-II cab

Kustom Deep End 4x10 bass cab

Yamaha RBX6JM signature 6 string bassw/case, straplocs, gold hardware, active electronics

He wants my Xbox 360 for it. all items are used, and i cant seem to find prices for half the equiptment you tell me what its worth if you can. thanks.
I'd say it's definately worth it.

The Behringer and GK cab are crap.

The RBX6JM isn't made anymore, and was about £800 or something new, and the Kustom is a good cab.
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Its probably worth it, just give everything a thorough going-over first, to make sure its all in good working order
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alright, now i gotta convince my parents to let me give up my 360 which i never really use anyway xD thanks
360's are dirt cheap these days. If you sell one of those items (the behringer or something. even if its crap you can get probably still get the needed hundredfiddy for it ) you can get a new xbox
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Take the RBXJM and the Kustom, but get yourself a better head for it. Behringer and GK Backlines are to be avoided. Or you can just get all of it but sell the GK and Behringer.
I'd get it all and sell the behringer and backline and buy a new, better head with that money plus whatever you got...or just that. most anything is better than a behringer.
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