Hey there, long time viewer of the forums, but never posted. Had a quick search but must admit, I didn't understand a lot of the replies and I'm a bit of a newbie when it comes to actual guitar gear, but here goes.

I really want to try and get some sounds from my guitar like the ones Pendulum use for their main riffs (Blood Sugar, Slam, etc). Is there any guitar pedal out there that will let me replicate this exact sound through my amp? I really have no idea what I'm looking for so advice would be greatly appreciated.

I can't read music, and hence I don't really want to go into learning keyboard just yet. I am fairly accomplished at guitar and so it would be a lot easier to go about it this way. I don't have a great amount to spend being a student but would love some input.

Failing this, is there no way I can plug my guitar into my computer and use it as an input on some recording program? I'd rather not have to do this but if it's the only option then I'll have to .

i too happen happen to like pendulum's music and would love to play their music like on the record. seeing as most of it is played on keyboards it is slightly hard to recreate their sound, i would say you would need to realy get every type of effect available, but that will cost an arm and a leg, you might be better off getting something like a boss gt10, once you've got a sound that is similar you can change all the effects setting to get it closer to their sound.