The speaker outputs on the back of the amp dont specify what impedance the speakers should be. Does that mean I'm ok to use anything? I have a sunn 610L which from what I've read is 6 ohms and a marshall 1960 (i can run at 4 or 16 ohms) Would I be fine using the marshall at 4 with the sunn at 6?
I used to own one of these, it was my dad's from when he used to play, original owner Great sounding amps.

It's a Solid State amp, so you can pretty much mix ohmages as you please. However, it is rated at 100W at 4 ohms and 200W at 2 ohms.
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Dunno if that'll be any help to you, but there it is anyway. Good luck, man, and congrats, Sunn's are awesome.