I could not get the 4800 sample rate to upload here and myspace doesn't like it much either but this site doesn't complain lol

Anyways I got a new PreSonus FP10 a while back and wanted to let everyone hear the audio quality from it. I really enjoy this new interface.

I'm no vocal expert but I gave that a shot. Let me know what you think.

Equipment used:
PreSonus FP10
Sonar 8 Producer
MXL 990 - vocals
PRS SE EG guitar
Yamaha Magicstomp with custom settings - Acoustic and Bass guitars
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i think it's pretty cool.

i would just like a little more emotion in it.

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Thanks for the suggestions everyone. Yea I did this cover in an hour so I didnt put many instruments into it but I can always add some drums and backing guitar parts.

Right now its simply guitar, bass, and vocals.