This is a repeatedly asked question on here, but I just don't get it. I'll play great one day for my skill level (140+BPM 16th notes), and the next, I won't be able to play 120BPM...

I don't get it. I make a conscious effort to warm up for about 15-30 minutes before really getting down to practicing, and no matter how much I play, some days I can play really good, others...well...I just suck.

Any tips? Maybe it has to do with how I warm up or something?

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Alright...I've just had this plateau for so long...I'm tired of being at 100-120BPM no matter what I do.

There's a problem with your technique somewhere then, obviously I don't know what it is but I'm willing to bet it's either tension or excess movement somewhere.
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Examine EVERY aspect of your technique. Determine the exact path your finger takes as it presses down a string, how much force it uses, etc, and make it as efficient as possible. That kind of attention to detail helps me alot I find when I get to that plateau.