Ok, I know you guys will probably tell me to "Read teh Rulez n00b!" (and somebody is definitely going to post that anyway ) ,but I'm absolutely lost when it comes to recording gear! I've read the stickies on here, but they don't really help me out. So can somebody please spell out in plain english what I would need to start recording at home?

I'm not sure if I should go with a multi-track or what... I'm just looking for a few pointers on what I would need for a home studio.

I'm not looking for any jerks, just some general knowledge about this. Or, if there is a section that I overlooked and would help me give me a link or something!

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: I've got a PC, with Audacity on it.
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Software (Reapers free) (logic) (Cubase)

Interface (with phantom power) (M-box maybe)

Mics ( Dynamic, Condensers, drum mic set if your recording drums too)

your equiptment

1/4 inch jack

XLR leads

Mic stands

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first off u'll need a high processing computer. macs r best for this. second is software and an interface. the interface is wat u can plug mics into or u can go direct in. and some studio monitors if u want to b able to play back ur music without headphones.

the link i posted above is for a basic pro tools package. ur interface is the mbox and pro tools is ur software which is the industry standard.
i use it to jot down my ideas and as a songwritting tool
the mbox2 mini is cheaper and doesnt have 2 mic inputs only 1 and doesnt have a midi input either